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    at the Ossiacher See!

Cafe Mentl & Mini-Shop

start with breakfast and end with a nightcap

At See-Camping Mentl guests are well taken care of, especially when it comes to culinary delights. 

One of the most amazing scents you will ever encounter is the fabulous scent of freshly baked bread in the morning. Enjoy a lovely cup of coffee with your breakfast at our cafe, read the newspaper, and start your day off right. Alternatively, you can also enjoy a lavish breakfast buffet in the morning in our comfortable breakfast room. Please give notice the day before if you are interested in enjoying our lovely breakfast.

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Restaurant Tamara – Lavish Meals at the Lake

Art and delicacies for guests to enjoy

Look forward to a fantastic steak dinner with some traditional schnapps at the charming Restaurant Tamara which is run by my lovely sister Anita and situated directly adjacent to the camping site Mentl. 

Anita is the "Wirtin", which translates as innkeeper, and she also is the chef at the restaurant. Enjoy the lavish meals ranging from international dishes to spectacular traditional local delicacies. Most of the ingredients are locally sourced or even grown in our own garden.

Art and pleasure are intertwined components you can find throughout the lovely restaurant, from the kitchen to the cellar.

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