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Alpe Adria Atmosphere in the 3-Country Corner

The sunniest and most southern state of Austria is renowned for the Mediterranean flair due to its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea. With the neighbouring countries of Italy, with all its charm, and the picturesque regions of Slovenia, guests can enjoy a holiday offering fantastic versatility and exciting adventures in the Alpe-Adria region spanning three countries.


Villach – Charming City in the Heart of Carinthia's Nature

The thriving and exciting city of Villach in Carinthia offers a special charm and has an interesting historical background. The Carinthian lust for life rubs off on everybody here and the Mediterranean atmosphere adds to the charm. Enjoy shopping, relaxing, culture and delicious food and drinks in this beautiful city.


Certain special events are renowned far and wide: the "Villacher Fasching" carnival celebration and the traditional "Villacher Kirchtag".


Explore the bustling old-town, enjoy the colourful buildings, as well as the modern architecture. One of the highlights are the farmer's markets and all the exciting things on offer. The river Drau makes its way through Villach, which is also the second largest city in Carinthia and entices visitors all year round with the special Mediterranean flair due to the influences of Italy and Slovenia. Enjoy the special Alpe-Adria ambience and live the "dolce vita" here in Carinthia.